What Is The Reciprocal Of -2

What is the reciprocal of /- 5?, The reciprocal of 5 is 1/5. Furthermore, What is the opposite of negative 2 3?, The reciprocal of 2/3 is 3/2. Finally,  What is the opposite reciprocal of 1?, 2 Answers. John D. The opposite and reciprocal of 1 is −11 , which is just –1. Frequently Asked … Read more

What Is The Difference Between Assault And Aggravated Assault

Assault is less serious than an aggravated assault charge and could result in minor injuries or just a threat of violence. Aggravated assault involves more serious circumstances including the intent to seriously harm another person or the use of a weapon during a threat of harm.Dec 19, 2019 Is aggravated assault worse than assault?, Aggravated … Read more

What Is Majin Vegeta

Is Majin Vegeta evil?, After being defeated by Goku and the Z Fighters, Vegeta eventually settled down on Earth as he trained to surpass Goku and become the mightiest Saiyan in the universe. This rivalry would lead him to embrace his own inner darkness years later and transform into the evil Majin Vegeta. Furthermore, How … Read more

What Is Mhp

Acronym. Definition. MHP. Masters of Health Promotion (degree) What does the abbreviation mph stand for?, MPH stands for Master of Public Health and is an interdisciplinary degree based in health sciences. MPH programs focus on health leadership, administration skills, implementing and managing public health programs, monitoring diseases, managing outbreaks, and more. Furthermore, What does mph … Read more

What Is The Approximate Population Of The Russian Domain

About 29 million people – 20% of Russia’s population – are not ethnically Russian. … Create Clip. Keyboard Shortcuts Decrease Quality – Increase Volume ] Decrease Volume [ What is the Russian domain?, ru is the Latin alphabet Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the Russian Federation introduced on April 7, 1994. The Russian … Read more

What Is The Use Of Backup Components Or Parallel Paths To Raise Reliability

To increase the reliability of a system, redundancy can be added in the form of backup components or parallel paths. What does TPM stand for quizlet?, preventive maintenance. D. parallel reliability. A. With regard to​ TPM, what does it mean to emphasize​ “total cost of​ ownership” when purchasing​ machines? Furthermore, What does TPM stand for?, … Read more

What Is The Smallest Identifiable Unit Of An Element

The smallest identifiable unit of an element is a(n) atom . sample. Each circle represents an atom and each different color represents a different kind of atom. If two atoms are touching then they are bonded together. What is the smallest piece of a substance?, An atom is the smallest unit of a pure substance … Read more

What Is A Relative Frequency Histogram

A relative frequency histogram uses the same information as a frequency histogram but compares each class interval to the total number of items. For example, the first interval ($1 to $5) contains 8 out of the total of 32 items, so the relative frequency of the first class interval is. (see Table 1). What does … Read more

What Is Smart Resume On Xfinity

Smart Resume lets you easily resume watching your program after fast-forwarding through commercial breaks in DVR recordings. When you start to fast-forward, you’ll automatically be returned to where the show picks up once the break’s over. Smart Resume is turned on by default for all customers. Can you skip commercials on Xfinity?, With the page-up … Read more